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Writer, editor, and communications strategist with expertise in social justice, relationships, arts and culture, science, and technology



I'm a freelance writer specializing in feminist issues, sex and relationships, and women's health, publishing up to 15 articles a day. I also work as a freelance editor, social media manager, and career consultant (more info on that in the next section).

I write on a daily basis for Glamour, Refinery29, and Bustle and on a regular basis for Everyday Feminism, Vice, Men's Health, Complex, Audiofemme, MEL, and Ravishly. My articles on social justice, relationships, pop culture, science, and technology have also appeared in The Washington Post, The Village Voice, Salon, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Marie Claire, Seventeen, Bitch, Bust, Paper Magazine, Self, Redbook, Good Housekeeping, Mic, Business Insider, Yahoo, Long Island Pulse, The Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Alternet, xoJane, POPSUGAR, Thought Catalog, SheKnows, The Good Men Project, The Frisky, YourTango, Role/Reboot, The Freelancer, Footnote, Her Campus, and more.

I'm an author of the book Here We Are: Feminism for the Real World, and I regularly make radio appearances to discuss gender, body image, social justice, and sex and relationships. But my favorite claim to fame is that Whoopi Goldberg cited one of my articles in a discussion about sex and feminism on The View.

My background in writing, editing, marketing, and communications ranges from tech startups to academic journals. Before starting my freelance career, I served as Assistant Editor for Footnote, a site that translates academic research for mainstream audiences, Editorial Assistant for the academic journal Differences: A Journal of Feminist Cultural Studies, Content Specialist for the technology startup WibiData, and Content Writer for the technology-focused PR firm Coderella.

I hold a Bachelor of Science in Cognitive Neuroscience and a Bachelor of Arts in Gender & Sexuality Studies and Modern Culture & Media with honors from Brown University, where I received the Barbara Banks Brodsky Prize for Excellence in Real World Writing and the Pembroke Center for Teaching and Research on Women Undergraduate Fellowship. I've conducted research for Brown's Social Cognitive Science Research Center, Humanity-Centered Robotics Initiative, and Pembroke Center for Research and Teaching on Women. As a huge critical theory and science nerd, I love to communicate academic insights so clearly that people don't even realize they're academic.

My poems and humor writing have been featured in readings and published in journals including sPARKLE & bLINK and The East Bay Review. I taught a seminar in February 2016 on how to write a love poem.


I went from a disillusioned office worker to a freelance writer and digital nomad with a six-figure income in less than a year starting solely with cold pitches and submissions. Since I want to help others make this career transition or improve the careers they already have, I offer several forms of consulting. I will give feedback on pitches and submissions, help you place them with appropriate publications, share editors' contact information, give advice on promoting your content and managing your online presence, and edit work for current or aspiring writers or PR people who want help getting coverage. You can contact me at for more information and pricing.


I welcome pitches, but please familiarize yourself with my writing. No body-shaming products, heteronormative advice, or gender stereotypes, please. I look for:
-Timely stories on feminism, body positivity, and LGBT issues
-Timely and evergreen sex/relationship and health stories and research
-Concerts and music festivals! These are my favorite (seriously, will someone send me to EDC this year?!)
-Authors and other public figures available for Q&As
-PRESS TRIPS!! I typically produce multiple articles within a week of the trip.

I receive dozens of pitches per day and respond quickly to the ones that catch my eye, so please don't follow up more than once. Thank you!

Oh, and don't ask me where I'm based! I have no base, and I'm probably somewhere different from where I was a month ago.

You can see a small selection of my work below.


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